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The prices of meat remain high. This is why there will be less pork on the Bulgarian tables on the New Year's Eve. As of December 19, pork wholesale prices varied from BGN5.20 to BGN7 per kilogram. Ham prices ranged between BGN7.70 and BGN9.90. The highest price increase was registered in Shoumen (6%), Varna (5%), Razgrad, Rousse, Silistra and Targovishte (4%).
The only piece of good news is that frozen chickens have become cheaper. The reduced demand is the main reason for that. Wholesale prices vary between BGN2.70 and BGN3.70 per kilogram. The biggest drop was registered in Targovishte (12%), Rousse and Razgrad (11%). Retail prices of chicken meat ranged from BGN2.80 to BGN4 per kilogram.
Imported turkeys represent serious competition on the meat market. Import from Turkey and Brazil is now offered in Bulgaria between BGN4.60 and BGN4.90 per kilogram. If the amount appears insufficient, additional import will be carried out. In fact, the supply of turkeys may also result in a certain decline in the prices of pork, if its demand turns out lower than the level expected by traders.

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