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Christmas and New Year's Eve are the time when image makers and ad experts are at their best. They set to work their creative potential and imagination trying to surprise the banks' corporate clients with pleasant gifts. Details are important and properly appraised. In the terms of intense competition in the banking sector, each gesture becomes an act of care and promises that business contacts will carry on. The one who makes the present feels the huge pleasure of delighting his partner, colleague, or friend. In fact, presents given on time are those most esteemed.
Touched with purple...
The Bulgarian National Bank, the bank of all banks, surprised its friends with a luxurious 2006 wall calendar. Traditionally, it is illustrated with pictures of Bulgarian churches. The large bag also contains business and desk calendars and a luxurious account book of especially processed purple leather. On its cover there is a jubilee BGN20 banknote painted as well as the symbol of the bankers, Saint Nicholas, whose statue is placed at the entrance of the central treasury.
With white seams...
Corporate Commercial Bank usually offers as gifts account books, ball-point pens and calendars put in a luxurious leather bag. The office accessories are black with white seams. The idea about a leather corporate bag is borrowed from the black suitcase of Hristo Stoichkov who starred in the bank's advertising clip. The desk corporate calendar contains refined monthly messages to each of the bank's VIP clients. Every month the authors offer a distinguished world-known resort where the tired and bored businessman can go to rest for the weekend. The bank's Christmas party (for VIP customers again) was organized in the Sofia Archaeologic Museum to the accompaniment of the Bulgari band whose producer, Ivan Minchev, is also producer of Milcho Leviev.
Gifts from the London City...
Citibank presents its corporate clients in Sofia with a small and a big luxurious leather account books, deliberately ordered and produced in London. The elegant desk clocks and neckties in the corporate colours of the bank - blue and red, supplement the business gifts. Each of the bank's departments disposes of its own budget which allows it to add a bottle of brand wine and other refined souvenirs to the bag with presents.
With umbrella in December...
Encouragement Bank, the only state treasury on the market, thought of decorating its terrace above the Sofia Batenberg square with a splendid Christmas tree. To its corporate clients, mainly managers of small and mid-sized enterprises, the bank presents a variety of souvenirs - business account books, ball-point pens, wall calendars as well as an umbrella for the rainy days in December.
Silver is worth more than gold...
Gifts for the customers of Piraeus Bank are elegant and in harmony with the ambitions of the bank's Greek owners. They give the corporate clients of both Piraeus Bank and Eurobank a luxurious leather account book, a silver key holder and a copy of an antique fighting knight with an edge made of prematurely old iron and gold-encrusted halt. The Christmas bag also contains ball-point pens and desk calendars with beautiful pictures.
Mortgage credits... organizer
The Bulgarian-American Credit Bank presents a set of very useful accessories - the inevitable account book, ball-point pens, a mouse pad, desk notebooks and an organizer in which useful information about the bank's mortgage loans and other credit products may be written.
Swiss knives and charity
UBB gives as Christmas and New Year presents sets which are a combination of leather articles (gentlemen's and ladies' wallets and other leather accessories of the Dax company) and Victorynox Swiss knives for the gentlemen and Lady's sets of Victorynox, called SwissCard. The knives have been supplied by the Vertical 7 company. The bank's corporate cards are unique - a winter picture with UBB's building and an agreement for the right to use the SOS Children's Villages logo as part of a joint charity campaign.
Souvenirs without a Hungarian twang...
The souvenirs of DSK Bank are a standard package, including a luxury diary calendar with many pages, a desk engagement book, a notebook with hard covers, a cardcase, and a key holder. Traditional Hungarian motives, such as Tokai wine and other souvenirs with which DSK Bank's majority owner OTP could delight its corporate clients, have obviously slipped out of Santa's sock.
Call your money...
For ProCredit Bank the new 2006 is an occasion to rain gifts on its clients, each of which is an advertising message about the products, offered by the financial institution. Call your money and the telephone number of the bank's call centre for e-banking (working 24 hours seven days a week) is written on its 2006 wall calendar. The mouse pad is mobilized by the motto: Don't lose time, use [email protected]! Ads managers have added to the presents package a key holder, glasses pads, glasses and mugs with smiles painted on them, clay saving boxes with four-leaved clovers for luck, colour pencils and even notebooks for colouring details of ProCredit Bank's advertising campaign.
Nineteen shining dots on the globe...
The most valuable souvenir which BULBANK presents to its corporate clients is a stylish wall calendar with beautiful pictures for each month. The national holidays are marked on the calendar and there are photos of the places of interest in the countries where UniCredit Group has already stepped. The orange dots on the background of the globe are 19 and the lit countries are: Serbia and Montenegro, Lithuania, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech republic, Turkey, Germany, Latvia, and Romania, everywhere one of the most powerful bank corporations in Europe is already present.
Artistic reproductions directly from Greece
Emporiki Bank gives as presents to its clients notebooks, ball-point pens, dairies with the bank's logo and colours. For its VIP partners its has supplied directly from Greece luxury albums with reproductions of Greek painters.
EIBank's gifts to its corporate clients include diary calendars, ball-point pens and dairies, illustrated with a picture of the credit institution's head office in Sofia, and of the bank's branches in the country on the pages for each month. Some fo the other banks have also prepared various office accessories, souvenirs and useful presents for their clients workdays. Others prefer to keep their corporate gifts in secret, fearing the competition could copy from them or steal their ideas.

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