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The enterprise of the German company Liebherr, set up three years ago in the village of Redinovo, produced its 500th refrigerator. In October 2000 the company invested EUR25MN in building the Bulgarian enterprise Liebherr Hausgerete Maritsa EOOD, and poured another EUR5MN in the next two years. Within that time the company gained hold of 15% of the domestic market of refrigerators and freezers, which made it the leader on it. The Liebherr group has about 90 subsidiaries and the enterprise's annual output of refrigerating equipment reaches 1,600,000 units. In 2002 its turnover amounted to EUR4.1BN, and its profit totalled EUR120MN. According to expectations, this performance will be repeated in 2003. Although the company is known in Bulgaria with its fridges and freezers, they account for just 13% of its manufacturing structure. Construction equipment is number one on its product list, accounting for some 60% of the products, bearing the Liebherr trademark.

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