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The lawsuit against managers and officials of the Central Cooperative Bank (CCB), who are charged with misappropriating USD6MN from Michael Chorny, was handed on July 4, 2002 by the Specialized Investigation Service to the Sofia Prosecutor's Office with a recommendation for a trial in court. CCB's former executive director Georgi Georgiev, the bank's former chief accountant Temenuzhka Galova, their subordinate Maria Dimova, the former chief of CCB's Currency Department Irina Mihailova and the dealer Trayan Karshutsky, shall be brought to trial. The five lie under a charge (pursuant to Art. 202 and Art. 203 of the Penal Code) that as officials they misappropriated in the spring of 1995 USD6MN from the businessmen of Russian origin Michael Chorny, and in that way have commited a criminal breach of trust (Art. 282 of the Penal Code).
CCB's officials were accessories to the principal dramatis personae in the jobbery Pavel Trenev and Dimitar Dimitrov, better known by his nickname Trickster. According to the investigation, they misappropriated through fraud USD6MN, deposited in CCB by Michael Chorny. However, Pavel Trenev (dealer of the notorious Orion group) is the only one of the above-mentioned personae who knows the better part of the true story about the draining and redistribution of the USD6MN to Orion's structures. Investigators claim Mr. Trenev has been laundring the group's money since 1991.
After all attempts of Mr. Chorny to get his money back from CCB suffered fiasco, in 1996 he initiated a lawsuit against the bank. In November 1996 the Investigation Service instituted legal proceedings for the misappropriated USD6MN, and in April 1997 Mr. Trenev was proclaimed wanted through Interpol. For more than four years his whereabouts were unknown, and even roumous were spread that he was killed. According to Mr. Trenev, himself, he has never been hiding. Whatever the truth, the police detained him on April 20, 2001 in the Sofia housing complex Drouzhba after month-long inquiries and operations for his identification. Both the Investigation and the Prosector's Office now rely on his testimony in order to assertain the guiltiness of those involved in the jobbery of Mr. Chorny's millions.

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