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Kremikovtsi increases export to Romania by 150,000 tons annually, Executive Director Valentin Zahariev announced on July 12. The Czech Republic and Poland have also become markets of the plant. Meanwhile, export to the European Union dropped by 33 per cent.
Kremikovtsi settles all its debts to Bulgargas and a part of its debts to the National Insurance Institute.
European producers of steel gathered in Sofia to discuss the tendencies of prices and consumption. Prices of rolled and galvanized products will rise by some 3 or 4 per cent by the end of the year on a global scale, Andre van den Bosch, President of the group of Trade Directors of EUROFER said.
The increase is due to higher costs for energy, labor force and iron ore, van den Bosch explained. The rise of prices of other steel products is expected the coming year.
Consumption of steel will grow on a global scale, he said. At present the annual production is 780 million tons.

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