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The two main competitors on the Bulgarian beer market, Zagorka AD and Kamenitza AD, announced they were going to make changes in their management. Iohan de Smet van Dam is the new General Manager of the Plovdiv-based Kamenitza. He was the brewery's trade manager in the past five years. Andreas Seemuller who occupied the general manager's post so far will take the same position in the company in Serbia.From October 1, Zagorka's manager Dimitar Alexiev will take the lead in Heineken Slovensko. He has been working for the company for ten years and has been an executive director since 1996. It is not known yet who will inherit him on the post.According to the Association of Breweries in Bulgaria, Kamenitza AD was the leader in terms of sales on the Bulgarian market in the first half of 2005 (it sold 855 hectolitres of beer). The Belgian Interbrew is Kamenitza's main shareholder. Brands such as Kamenitza, Astika, Burgasko Pivo and Plevensko Pivo helped the Belgians take 32% of the market.The other main player is Stara Zagora-based Zagorka AD which sold 844 hectolitres of beer and acquired a 30% market share. As it is known, the company owns the brands of Zagorka, Ariana, Gold, Amstel and Stolichno. Zagorka managers point out that in July the company led the ranking in terms of sales. They plan to sell more than 1.4 million hectolitres of beer by year-end. Zagorka AD is owned by the Cyprian Brewinvest which acquired 80% of its capital in 1994. Some BGN80MN have been invested in the Bulgarian company in the past ten years, its managers announced.

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