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At a special press conference for the 10th anniversary of Kamenitsa AD, the company boasted of its 31.2% share on the domestic beer market. This result places the brewery ahead of the so far leader Zagorka AD, which remains second, with a 29.8% share. According to data of Kaminitsa, however, the consumption of beer in the first five months of 2005 was 8.3% lower year-on-year. The brewery's Executive Director Andreas Zeemuller blamed the unusual meteorological condition for that substantial drop. Kamenitsa AD is owned by Belgium's Interbrew, renamed to InBev after 2004. The change was dictated by the merger between the Belgians and Ambev, leader on the market in Latin America. Thus, the biggest brewery in the world was created, holding a 14% share of the global beer market. In 2004 InBev reported a net turnover exceeding EUR8.57BN. Investments worth some BGN130MN were made in Kamenitsa AD over the last ten years. The brewery offers eight brands of beer on the domestic market: Stella Artois, Beck`s, Staropramen, Astika, Bourgasko Pivo, five different types of Kamenitsa (Kamenitsa Lager, Kamenitsa Stout, Kamenitsa White, Kamenitsa Extra and the non-alcoholic Kamenitsa 0%), Plevensko Pivo, and Slavena. Last May the company started selling beer on the Macedonian market as well.

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