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Although snow is scarce this year the traditional lack of funds at the municipalities makes walking on the icy streets a thriller. That is the reason why pragmatic people recommend an Accident insurance. It is cheap and affordable. For example a 30-year old man, working as a credit expert in a bank may sign up for an insurance amounting to BGL10,000 against BGL45 of insurance premium. The Accident insurance covers three insurance events - death, permanent or temporary disability.
Most insurance companies have referred their potential customers to four risk groups. The life of the white-collars, including the bank experts, sems to be the cheapest, so the price of the insurance for that group is the lowest. Journalists go to the second risk and price category. The insurance policy of the sportsmen is the most expensive one - there are no fixed prices, everything is a subject of negotiation.
All insurance companies offer group insurances, where the average price of an insured individual is 25 - 30% lower. Several companies offer, along with the Accident insurance the so called General Healthcare Insurance. It covers the expenses of hospital stay and the medicines. Both insurances are not so expensive, i.e. they are affordable for the average customer.

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