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The Plovdiv Municipality will be granted USD1MN in financial aid from the Japanese Trustee Fund with UNESCO for restoration of the city's ancient part along the Maritsa river. A mission of UNESCO paid a visit to Plovdiv to study the project for presevation, development, and management of the architectural and historical reserve. The mission included Yasyuki Enata, an expert from Japan's Foreign Ministry, the professors in architecture Kazuyoshi Fumoto and Akira Ishi, and UNESCO's representatives Denis Dodwell and Ann Le Metre. The visit was on the invitation of Prof. Dr. Todor Krastev, who has been helping the municipality for several years to work out a conception for the development and preservation of the reserve. Among the sites, to be restored with Japan's financial assistance are: the Bayatova and Bakalova houses, the house Kliyanti and Georgiadi, where the Renaissanece Museum is presently housed.In this connection Prof. Todorov said in front of the BANKER weekly: I think that with a good strategy and efficient management ancient Plovdiv could become a part of the world cultural heritage within a year or two. And the benefit will be the increased international interest which will immediately take the reserve to the highest place in the European and world network for cultural tourism. Financial aid may be attracted as well from UNESCO's fund Cultural Heritage, which has already assisted the Thracian tombs near the town of Kazanluk and the village of Sveshtari, the Madara Horseman near Shoumen, the churches cut in the rocks near the village of Ivanovo, the Boyana Church, the Rila Monastery and the town of Nessebar.

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