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Italian managers are to take over key production sections at Kremikovtzi. This was announced on January 24. The Italian specialists are former employees of the steel-extractive giant Ilva, owned by the rather popular in this field Riva Group. The technical aid contract is to be enforced on February 1 and to last till April, 2002. From the Bulgarian metallurgy plant explaned that actually the foreign specialists had already been successfully working at Kremikovtzi for several months. The Italian firm Marcegallia, a strategic partner of our plant, ensures the financial support needed. During their stay here the Italian specialists have assisted new productions' introduction. Now they will also participate in taking operative decisions concerning management of steel-extractive production, hot and cold stretch plants, production qualification sections and equipment maintainance and repair sections, as was explained by the press-centre of Kremikovtzi.
The owner of the company - Daru Metals, has set the following tasks for this year: new profiles' production to be started, production prime cost to be lowered and last, but not least, the ISO 9000 standard for qualification of production to be introduced. Italian managers are to deal with exactly this far from easy task.

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