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Inspectors Fine Eco-Unfriendly Campings and Hotels

At the height of the summer tourist season Bulgarian Black Sea resorts fell again under the fire of control authorities. Along with checking the price and quality of service and food in the resorts, the target of control bodies was also the state of beaches and sea water where every day hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers sunbathe and swim.
Several camping sites, hotels and a holiday village have been fined for discharges of wastewater into the sea without the required permit. Fines have been imposed to the owner of the Kavatsi camping - Helio Tour company as well as the company Zenit-99, which manages camping Zlatna Ribka. Among the offenders are the Green Park Hotel in Kiten, owned by New Line. After the signal, the Burgas health inspectorate for contamination of the sea water with domestic sewage has carried out a check that showed a blockage in the sewer shafts there. Then the body issued an order the level of dirty water to be monitored every day. Similar penalties were issued to the owners of Sozopol's Hotel Royal Beach and the holiday village Costa Bulgara in Chernomorets.
Burgas refinery Lukoil also fell within the list of offenders. For water pollution near Varna district Asparuhovo, the company has received a fine of three thousand levs. This is not the first offence of the company after last year Bourgas Regional Inspectorate fined it by BGN30,000 for the outstanding condition of the complex permit.
Because of water pollution during the week Popski beach in Tsarevo was closed. The samples showed excessive content of Escherichia coli bacteria. Over the past two years, this beach has not been managed by anybody, and the pollution is mostly caused by Popska river. In it the water treatment plant in Tsarevo releases its water, and the facility is known to not be functioning effectively in summer.
Checks of regional environmental protection inspectorates in July only were 1,446, and issued prescriptions to remedy the violations were - 88. A total of 121 acts have been drawn, of which - 15 for unfulfilled requirements, and 88 ones imposed fines coming to the modest BGN134,070. At the same time, the Environment Ministry managed to collect a little over BGN106,000 of them.
The largest fine in the country - over BGN107,000 was imposed on the heating company of Svishtov, Svilosa, for air pollution by sulphur dioxide and dust. By nearly BGN18,000 was sanctioned the water companies in Varna and Montana, for not having met the standards for discharge of wastewater.
Thermal power plant Maritza Iztok III has to pay BGN5,000 for the disposal of ashes into the Sokolitsa river. The mayor of Primorsko was fined BGN2,000, because he has not obeyed a prescription for removal of a horse breeding building, which has allowed contamination of the protected area Stamopolu Swamp. For waste management default, ignoring illegal dumps and not obeying prescriptions for cleaning contaminated areas from waste mayors of Kocherinovo, Zhaltusha, Ostrov and Botevo were also fined.

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