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The inflation accumulated from December 2000 till December 2001 was 4.8%, the National Statistics Institute (NSI) reported. This is the lowest annual rate since 1999, when prices went up 7 per cent and as compared to 2000 when the inflation was 11.3 per cent.The highest monthly inflation for 2001 - 1.7 per cent - was registered in September due to the hiked prices of central heating and electricity. This reflected on the entire Services sector, where the monthly price rise - 5.8 per cent - was the highest for the entire year, Radka Kunova, Head of NSI's Index of Cunsumer Prices Department commented. The lowest inflation rates - minus 0.2 per cent - were registered in March and June.Inflation in December 2001 as compared to November 2001 was 0.6 per cent. The highest price rise was that of foodstuffs, which became 2.5% more expensive. Their growth is partially compensated by the 1.8% decrease in the prices of services. Twenty goods and services were excluded from the consumer basket as of the beginning of 2001 with the motive that there were no longer purchased on a large scale by the population. They were replaced by 12 new ones, among them the monthly subscription fee for GSM services and the prices per minute for conversations over mobile telephones.

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