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Incentive Bank is among the few local credit institutions offering banking services through INTERNET. The more widely used e-banking requires a bank officer to install special software on the client's computer from which the operations will be effected. This means that the client cannot use the services from another computer. The new multi cash system, offered by Incentive Bank, allows consumers to effect interbank payments in Bulgaria or abroad no matter where they are anf if they use a personl computer or one in their office. The only condition is to have access to INTERNET.The introduction of this service demonstrates the financial institution's ambition to go to the client instead of waiting for him to enter it, Sasho Chakalsky, CEO of Incentive Bank said when presenting the new service.The system has been introduced by Global Consulting OOD, which has also worked out rhe e-banking for Biochim Commercial Bank, SG EXPRESSBANK, Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria), HVB Bulgaria, and the local branches of ING Bank, Raiffeisenbank, and Hypovereinsbank. This method of e-banking is used by all German banks, 70% of the credit institutions in Austria, and 60% of them on Switzerland, Dimitar Djendov, CEO of Global Consulting OOD specified. Incentive Bank is the fifth local financial institution to implement the multi cash e-banking system. So far it was offered only by United Bulgarian Bank (UBB), which was the first to launch this service on the local market. UBB was followed by First Invetsment bank, Bulgaria Invest,a nd ING Bank.

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