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Since the beginning of this week opened the negotiations between the cable operators, members of ABCO, the biggest association of cable operators in Bulgaria, and representatives of foreign TVs, broadcasting here. About 30 of the biggest Bulgarian networks negotiate the financial conditions for broadcasting next year with the representatives of MTV, Eurosport, VH-1, CNN, etc. The new fees for transferring networks, which contracts expire in 2001, will increase by 20 - 25%
Licence fees, which the satellite channels request from the regional distributors, are agreed upon for the next 3 - 4 years and the forthcoming increase is part of the frame agreements for cooperation, signed some time ago. According to some sources from the cable operators, the increase will be about USD0.01 for each broadcasted programme. If the users are e.g. 100,000, this would mean an increase by USD1000 per programme. Currently approximately 30 satellite channels have their representations in the country.
ABCO hopes to negotiate a general discount off the licence amount for all its members. It is launched for a number of cable users, specified in advance in the frame agreement (according to some unofficial sources this is a minimum of 200,000 users). In Bulgaria it will be possible only in the cases when negotiations are held on behalf of all ABCO members. Among them are the most popular cable operators - Sofia Cable, Unicoms Trading, Eurotour Sat, Centrum Group, etc.

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