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Six trade facilities operating as pharmacies without legal permission were found out on the territory of the Sunny Beach resort by inspectors from the Drugs Executive Agency from July 28 till August 2. One illegal facility was discovered in the village of Saint Vlass, one in Nessebar and one in Ravda. Two illegal drugstores were closed in Sinemorets. The drugs agency announced that medicines are also frequently sold at the receptions of the hotels. This is quite risky for the health, the experts warn, since medicines are not prescribed by a specialist and are not preserved properly.The controlling bodies are about to begin inspections in pharmacies that offer medicines with a 10 to 25% price discount. The inspections are requested by the union of pharmaceutists. A complaint against the illegal competition will also be lodged by the antimonopolistic commission, the Deputy Chairman of the Union, Stoyo Chervenliev, said. Pharmacies cannot work at a profit of just BGN0.05 and avoid going bankrupt.Three weeks ago the Commission on the Protection of Competition imposed a BGN30,000 fine on Varnapharma Holding OOD because it attracted customers by selling medicines below their cost price. The sanctioned company is owned by Vesselin Mareshki who possesses drugs wholesale companies. During the parliamentary elections, Mareshki led the ticket of the Free Business Federation and promised that if he was elected, he would cut medicine prices by 50 per cent.The agency is also going to inspect whether pharmacies keep selling nutritive supplements. According to a regulation of the healthcare ministry valid from August 1, this is no longer permitted.

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