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Maya Georgieva, Executive Director of FIB, to the BANKER weeklyMr. Georgieva, for the third time in the last few months rumours spread in financial circles that First Investment Bank is up for sale. There is talk this time that Bulagrian-American Credit Bank (BACB) will be your new majority owner and will pay USD30MN. Are such negotiations with BACB in progress?- We're hearing this for the first time from you. We were very much surprised to read that there is a price as well. May I ask what stake the new majority owner will acquire and for what share of the bank's capital it is ready to pay USD30MN?What is your explanation about the recent frequent speculations regarding FIB?- The bank's development has been really dynamic and successful and this could not but be impressive.Who would stand to gain from the circulation of such information?- I cannot say who would like to ruin the image of a stable financial institution. Not only FIB's interests, but those of its ordinary clients would be injured in that way. The bank system in Bulgaria is quite stable as a whole for making whatever speculations of the kind. Such rumours probably target the average client, who is not informed about that stability and has lost trust in the local bank system due to the former crises.

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