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UBB managed to get rid of the Nova Zagora firm Mlechen Put. The bank was sole proprietor of the famous producer of dairy products which is now owned by the company Hiberian Vitala. Some businessmen comment that the notorious Emil Hursev is in control of the company. The CEO of UBB Stilian Vutev refused to announce any details on the deal which was signed still in April, this year. Yet the BANKER weekly was informed that the buyer had paid over BGL3MN. It is said that Hiberian Vitala has taken credit from HEBROSBANK in order to provide the sum. However, HEBROSBANK's managers did not comment on the subject either.
In financial circles is commented that for a couple of years Mr. Hursev has directed his interests towards smaller firms. He acquires stakes in them and takes their management with the idea to later sell them much more profitably. Mlechen Put is said to be very appropriate for the implementation of such plan. The enterprise has no large liabilities and has a market for its production. Its annual sales exceed BGL8MN.

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