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The former Chairman of the State Agency for Energy and Energy Resourses Ivan Shilyashky has created a fine mechanism for eluding the Public Procurement Act (PPA). In February 2001 he signed an unique order, whose first part obliges those holding the tenders to abide by the PPA, while its second part entitled the management boards of power engineering companies to change the rating of nominated participants after the end of the tenders and pick up at their own discretion a bidder to sign a contract with.
The information about the existance of such a document was made public by Dimitar Peichev, MP from the National Movement Simeon II, at the first session of the parliamentary Commission on Energy and Energy Resources, held on August 1. Mr. Peichev quoted Mr. Shilyshky's order from memory, as he had handed the document to the Prosecutor's Office a few days ago. However, he promised to make a copy and present it to the mass media. The MP made a guess that copies of that order had been sent in February to all power engineering companies in the country. He added he was in a possession of copies, sent to the Bobov Dol thermoelectric power plant and to the the power stations of the Maritsa Iztok energy complex. Mr. Peichev also said the individual copies were connected with the tenders for picking up a chief contractor for the repairs, and for the suppliers of spare parts and fuels to the power plants.

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