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On December 28, 2002 the hoteliers in the Pamporovo winter resort set up an association. Vulko Milkov from Bourgas (owner of the Snezhanka hotel in the ski centre) was appointed Chairman of the new organisation, and the Management Board includes eleven hoteliers. Among them are Vetko Arabadjiev (Pamporovo), Stefan Sharlopov (Mourgavets), Peter Mandjoukov (Panorama), Vladimir Kisyov (Orfei), Vulko Milkov (Snezhanka), Georgi Tsukev (Malina holiday village), and Todor Krustev (Executive Director of Pamporovo AD, which is concessionaire of the ski tracks and the chair lifts in the mountain resort). The co-founders are unanimous that Pamporovo will soon lose its reputation as a winter resort if its infrastructure is not improved. Therefore, at their next meeting the hoteliers and restauranteurs will discuss the establishment of a separate joint-stock company, to organize and manage that sector. It is projected that the company should take part in a tender for nominating a concessionaire of the resort's infrastructure in the autumn of 2003. The tender is to be held in October when the contract with the present concessionaire Pamporovo AD expires.We do not object the partnership with Pamporovo AD, but if we fail to arrive at closer stances with its management, we should double the functions and construct new tracks and rope-lines, for which we have the support of the Governor Todor Palagahev, the businessman Vetko Arabadjiev commented in front of the BANKER weekly. The association's members have approved the project of the municipality of Chepelare for the construction of the Mechi Chal ski centre, worth EUR11MN. The opportunities for its financing will be discussed at the next meeting.

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