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The former first lady of the United States Hillary Clinton, the late King of Morocco Hassan II, and the Emperor of Japan Akihito are among the fans of the art of the young Bulgarian painter Stefan Todorov. They and other VIP have paid huge amounts of money to acquire paintings on silk by him.Silk canvases are expensive all over the world. Some collectors pay six-figure sums for becoming owners of such works of art. The artist's exhibitions of in France, New York, Chicago, Stockholm, Morocco and Dubai have had great success. Some of his exhibitions were realized jointly with his mother - the famous designer Neda Gougouchkova. Stefan Todorov displays his latest works in the Melon gallery in Sofia. Paintings on silk are his registered trade mark. He has mastered a specific technique of his own for laying the paints on the delicate fabric (for which women say its tender touch could rival even the most gallant gentleman).Some 15 of his works, named Abstract Compositions, show the Stefan Todorov's recent artistic mood. Before being displayed in Bulgaria, these works of art have received appalause from admireres in America.

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