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The most demanded trucks in Bulgaria are those of the medium class - from 3 tons to 7.5 tons, traders say. More than 40% of all trucks sold this year are of that type. Next come the heavy-duty TIR-trucks (between 18 tons and 44 tons). A total of 466 new haulage vehicles were bought by end-June, 72 of them buses. Iveko is the unquestionable leader on this market segment, with a total of 136 sold buses and trucks. Next comes Isuzu (73 sales) and Kia (63 sales). Volvo also reported good results. It sold only 46 vehicles, but most of them were of the heaviest and respectively most expensive kind.Nevertheless, the volumes are extremely insufficient with a view to the domestic automobile flees, experts comment. And after Bulgaria's integration in the European Union requirements to the kind and state of haulage vehicles will increase significantly and a large part of the presently operating automobiles will be decommissioned. In order to stay competitive on the market Bulgarian hauliers will have to spend a lot of money in order to renew their fleet. A logical consequence will be the price hike of haulage, experts point out.

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