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Levon Hampartzoumian, PA Executive Director has requested the state interests in the Balkan Airlines case to be protected in front of the International Arbitration Court in Paris by James Baker, the former US Secretary of State. The information came from well informed PA sources. The request was addressed to the famous US attorneys Arter Hadden in New York, and soon after that came the reply.
Dear Mr. Hampartzoumian, says the letter, signed by William Dabaghi. Both David Gabay and our partner Ron Warner have asked me to write you directly on how our firm may assist you regarding the arbitration matter now pending in Paris between the Bulgarian government and the Balkan Airline Company.
Before going to the specific matter Mr. Dabaghi introduces Arter Hadden as a both multi-state and international , able to manage international arbitration cases.
Besides strong representation by Arter Hadden you have asked David if we could hire and manage for your agency a renown American like Jim Baker to assist in this very important matter. I know Jim Baker and his firm and would be delighted to have as part of our contract with your agency that we see about his availability for this matter or attempt to find another worthy substitute such as former Secretary of State Larry Eagleburger. Our firm cannot guarantee that any specific American will take this case with us, but we are in a position to ask on your behalf. According to PA sources, the former US Secretaries of State James Baker and Laurence Eagleburger besides famous as politicians, are even more famous as top lawyers.
William Debeghi suggests a meeting where both parties will agree upon the representation agreement with the PA, as well as the strategy of the representation. Speaking personally, says he, we would hope to substantially lower or eliminate the liability now alleged against your agency and find a theory of law to in fact get the airline and its assets returned to the Bulgarian government. On behalf of Arter Hadden I am prepared to meet you in London, Geneva or Sofia sometime as soon as possible. I am prepared to propose an interim contract with your agency that would highlight our main points of representation as well as the conditions under which we would seek a renown Ammerican to assist us in this matter. I would like to stress that any initial expenses from the Bulgarian Government will be minimized and our fees will be discussed and paid on success basis.
No doubt Levon Hampartzoumian has undertaken a very good move. Obviously the Bulgarian PA is making serious efforts for going to the future arbitration well prepared. Yet the question remains whether there will be any arbitration between Gad Zeevi and the government.

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