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MY AMBITION IS TO INTERCEPT THAT PRACTICEAneliya Krushkova, Deputy Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, to the BANKER weeklyMs. Krushkova, the sector for which you'll be responsible - automobile and railway transport - is one of the most difficult. In addition to financial and organisational problems, there are also pure technical ones. Where do you intend to begin from?- My previously work was also connected with transport. I was employed in forwarding firms, handling all kinds of transportation - road haulage, rail and water transport. Therefore, I am acquainted with the problems in that sector, which are really numerous. At the same time I believe that many positive things have been done in the past and we should continue along the same path. Quite a lot of negativism has heaped up regarding the Transport Ministry and this attitude should be changed. I intend to meet with all branch organisations in order to get acquainted with their stance. After all, its them who use the services, offered by the ministry. I know there will always be dissatisfied people or such whose interests have been injured, but the branch organisations should point out the problems in order to undertake due measures. What or whom will you count on in the future?- There are many sufficiently competent people in the ministry. For the time being I rely on them basically, and in the future I'll certainly try to attract a wider range of experts. The inconvenience comes from the fact that the organisations of road hauliers alone are seven or eight, which means they could hardly coordinate their activities and purposes. This results in conflicts. Road hauliers have many times objected to the way in which permissions for transportation of cargo and passengers are issued. It is said that the number of permissions is quite deliberately limited in order to ask for money under the table. Won't the issuance of these documents be made more transparent?- Frankly speaking, it is absolutely clear that the permissions are the apple of discord and the cause for bribing. My ambition is to intercept that practice, although I'm fully aware of the difficulties I'll face. This process should become absolutely open and transparent. Granting licences and permissions under the table inevitably creates opportunities for corruption. That is why I intend to undertake checks within the ministry and its subordinate structures, but I will also count on the branch organisations for pointing out the officials and administrations, which apply such methods.

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