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The Customs Agency latest reports show that wheat export from July 1 to October 8 amounts to approximately 740,000 tons. In the first week of October, 7,844 tons of wheat have been sold abroad, with export mainly directed to Romania. Further amounts are likely to be exported by the end of the month. Export is expected to reach 800,000 tons by the beginning of December.
Barley export goes a different way. 6,052 tons have been sold abroad between 2 and 8 October, mainly to Syria. The export of barley on the international market for the same period reached 105,000 tons. No significant potential is foreseen for an increase in the last two months of the year.
Slightly more than 60,000 tons of sunflower were exported in the first week of October, too. 56,000 tons of them were sold in countries within the European Union. Sunflower export will keep growing and is likely to reach 200,000 tons at the beginning of next year.
The maize export active season has not begun yet. Twenty-six tons were exported in early October. The total amount of maize sold abroad in September and the first days of October is 1,969 tons.

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