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According to sources acquainted with the market plans of the second local GSM-operator - Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile, with 100% Greek capital, and bearing the trade mark GloBul - the company will make public its prices in end-August. This means that GloBul will announce the rates of its prepaid services and monthly fees immediately before starting commercial activities, which are expected to begin in the first half of September.
The competitor MobilTel projects one more reduction of its rates after GloBul's prices become known. In that way the first Bulgarian GSM-operator plans to offer the lowest rates after the Greek company begins commercial activities. Currently, MobilTel offers a mobile phone with a sim-card and a paid one-month fee, without a compulsory 3-year contract, for a little over BGL100. A sim-card only costs about BGL50, VAT included. Back in the spring of 2001 the second local GSM-operator informed that from the very beginning of its market activities its rates would be lower than those of MobilTel. In order to keep this promise GloBul's management will have to delay the official announcement of its tariff rates. The company could hardly afford to give a chance to its rival to counteract immediately after making public its prices. GloBul is not obliged to coordinate its rates with representatives of the State Telecommunications Commission, as the company does not have a monopoly hold on the local market.
The Bulgarian trade chain Jeff will be one of the first companies to sign a contract with the direct distributor GloBul. Jeff will offer the services and products of the mobile operator together with Germanos, Office 1 Superstore, and GlobalNet, mostly in the towns where these Greek companies are not present.
Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile demonstrated the capability of its network on Tuesday at the Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan, where the folk singer Valya Balkanska made the first official phone call with GloBul's access code 098. The event was attended by representatives of the former public administration in the sphere of telecommunications, including ex-minister of transport and telecommunications Antoni Slavinski. His successor Plamen Petrov was absent as he was at the same time at a meeting of the Cabinet. For the time being, conversations via the second GSM network can be held with subcribers to the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company only, because negotiations between Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile and the other two digital operators - MobilTel and Mobikom - have not been finalized yet.

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