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The operating profit of the GloBul mobile operator for the first three months of 2005 amounted to BGN34MN, company insiders announced. For the same period of last year it was BGN16MN. Incomes from GloBul's operation rose too, reaching BGN105MN in January 1 - March 31, 2005, up from BGN64MN a year earlier. The increase is a result of the higher proceeds from subscription fees, traffic and SMS. Revenues from roaming services leaped by 115% within a year. The results for the first quarter of 2005 show that our company is entering a new stage of development. Having been granted two additional licences - UMTS and a licence for fixes telephony - we are ready to strengthen the competition in all aspects of the telecom market, offering the highest quality of services at affordable prices. We aim to make GloBul the Bulgarians' first choice, meeting communication needs, said the company's Executive Director Nikolaos Tsolas.Clients of GloBul's prepaid service were 1,187,666 in the first three months of this year, while contract subscribers were 587,671. The ratio between them is 67% to 33 per cent. The operator covers 86% of the country's territory and 98% of its population. By the end of 2005 it is expected that the company which owns the Bulgarian licence would be transferred entirely to the Greek parent company OTE.

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