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Who has given once will give again. Some years ago that was a wise thought from the folklore of strong-arm groups, but recently it rather illustrates the relations in the Bulgarian political life. The model even became public in the last year while the entire people were wondering at the flagrant bargaining within the tripartite coalition. In earlier years politicians used to make deals in secret and the people were bearing the consequences afterwards.
Now it's different. There should be transparency and rulers grant it to us, which is a new kind of policy. Let's consider for instance the national favourite, informal leader of the non-profit organization GERB, and incumbent Sofia Mayor Boiko Borissov. He tells us everything. Moreover, he is a good student, an excellent one. He learned from the gangland while he was a bodyguard and became bad guys' fright when he became Interior Ministry's Chief Secretary. He learned from the politicians Todor Zhivkov and Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and while he was guarding them, he became a politician. Last year before and after the parliamentary elections he was trumpeting everywhere that he did not want to become and MP although the people would like him to become one. He, general Boiko Borissov did not want to become a politician because he liked very much the police work. But when things between him and the new Interior Minister Roumen Petkov went too bad, the general veered round, rushed into politics, and became Sofia Mayor.
In the first three months of his tenure Boiko Borissov was saying he did not want to set up a party because he was a politician of the Bulgarian citizens as a whole. But afterwards, politicians made him angry and he minted GERB. For half a year he was threatening them that if he did not get one thing or another he would register the association as a party. At last, he fixed the date for GERB's registration, December 3, 2006. And until then, until the presidential elections, the ruling BSP should obey him because if he gets angry he could tell his fans to vote for the right-wing candidate Nedelcho Beronov.
Otherwise, on Monday Mr. Borissov explained on TV there were no reservations whatsoever between him and incumbent President Georgi Parvanov. And he did not lie. Why should they bargain in secret when the Mayor openly tells mass media what he wants from politicians? And he even notes what would happen if he does not get what he wants. And what would happen? He will beat them at the elections. As it happened in the mayoral elections last October. How many time should he repeat that? The Mayor told PM Sergey Stanishev still in spring to hive him some millions for Sofia and he, Boiko Borissov would stop snapping his fingers at the Government.
And last Friday evening a daily wrote with very big black letters the title: They came to an agreement! The article on the first page read that Mayor Borisov and Premier Stanishev had agreed on BGN20MN for the capital. It is certainly very important for the city to get money for the construction of the Sofia Metropoliten. It might be important too how you ask for something in order to get it. And also when you ask for it. And who has given once will give again, especially prior presidential elections.
The reward has not been delayed. Mr. Borissov thanked PM Stanishev for his statesmanlike attitude and even expressed sympathy for him, predicting that all Bulgarian towns will have problems with their garbage after the country joins the European Union. From mass media again Boiko Borissov told Sergey Stanishev he was not going to overthrow the Government for the time being. I am not tempted by power, premiership is not my purpose at all, the Mayor said on TV on Monday. However, a day earlier, on September 17, when Bulgaria's capital celebrated St Sofia Day, the high-ranking statesman who stood next to Mr. Borissov during the festivities was not Sergey Stanishev, but... Georgi Parvanov. As it becomes an independent candidate, concerned about his second presidential mandate. But let's stay silent! It's needless to decode messages that are so obvious.

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