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Family doctors will get next year additional money for the immunization of children who are their patients. The proposal, made by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), has already been approved by the mechanism for payment of remuneration to general practitioners (GPs) in 2002, Dr. Zlatitsa Petrova, head of NHIF's Medical Activities Department, told the BANKER weekly. Negotiations on the National Framework Agreement for the activities of GPs next year are still going on at the level of expert teams.Immunizations, made by familiy doctors will be financed under a special programme, which will be the fourth one included in their obligations. In 2001 they had to fulfill three general programmes and were entitled to additional remuneration for the results from their implementation. The progammes were for children health care, maternity health care, and health care for people over 65.GPs, however, demanded that each of them should be implementing only one of the three programmes. It's impossible to satisfy their requirement, as all of them have children, mothers, and adults on their patient lists, and they should provide the package of medical services to all of them. And they get additional remuneration for work done, Dr. Petrova explained.

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