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The Gross Domestic Product /GDP/ increased by 4.5 per cent in the first three months of 2001 compared to the like period last year, Todor Todorov, Director of National accounts and balances Department in the National Statistics Institute /NSI/ announced at a press conference last Wednesday.
According to the preliminary data GDP in the first three months of this year amounts to BGL5,888BN in current prices, and per capita GDP is BGN 721. With average currency rate of BGN 2.119 per USD 1 for the last three months, GDP amounts to USD 2,778.3 M and corresponds to USD 340 per capita, explained from NSI.
The gross added value, created by the sectors of the national economy, amounts to BGN 4,978.2 M in current prices. Calculated in comparable prices, it has increased by 4.4 per cent compared to the like period last year.
The private sector creates 66.2 per cent of the added value and the social sector - 33.8 per cent. The rate of physical change of the added value of the social sector is negative - minus 6.5 per cent compared to the first three months of 2000, while the private sector scores a real increase of 10.8 per cent.
Almost 81.5 per cent of the GDP are spent on the individual consumption of the population, which is by 5,4 percentage points less than the corresponding three months of 2000, announced from NSI.
The increase of GDP is determined by the increase of the investments and foreign trade, Todor Todorov said. The investments have increased by 11.9 per cent compared to the same three months in 2000, and in real value the volume of the foreign trade increased by 11 per cent. The foreign trade balance is negative, and the import of goods and services is by BGN 251.6 M in excess of the current value of the export. The export of goods and services increased by 15.9 per cent, while the increase in the import registers a rise of 7.4 per cent compared to the corresponding three months of 2000, informed from NSI.

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