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EUROBANK vs Economic and Investment Bank (EIB) and BNB vs UBB are the two semi-finals of the Financial Institutions Soccer Championate, which opened last weekend at the National Sports Academy. First among their equal were the teams of these four institutions, which ranked first and second respectively in the preliminary groups. After the first four matches EUROBANK ranked first, followed by BNB in group A, and UBB ranked first, followed by EIB in group B. ING Bank, West Change Office and DZI teams were the participants in group A. Along with the first two, BNB Printing House, Botevinvest Financial House and Elana Financial Broking House teams formed group B. They will compete for ranking fifth to tenth.
EUROBANK, group A leader, won the match vs DZI (4:0), and vs ING Bank (2:0), ended in a draw (4:4) after a dramatic game with West, but later re-established its leadership after a difficult 2:1 vs BNB.
In group B, where UBB team finished without a loss, taking 12 points full, is now expecting the next matches. It won vs Botevinvest (2:1), after that vs Elana with the same score. The most challenging was the match against EIB, where UBB won 1:0. The last match, which wouldn't influence ranking UBB won vs BNB Printing House 3:1.

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