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The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) recommended all persons and companies, holding banknotes of the 12 national currencies of the …urozone, to open bank accounts in euro by January 1, 2002. In that way these banknotes will be directly exchanged for the new common euro currency. Bulgarian commercial banks will be purchasing currencies from the eurozone countries from February 1 to 28, 2002, according to the rates fixed by the European Central Bank. After that period the banknotes of the 12 members of the euro union will be exchnaged by the BNB only.

hareholder Demirbank T.A.S. On June 26th the Turkish agency for regulation and supervision of banks accepted four offers from candidate-buyers of the nationalized financial institution. The British HSBC Hoding, UniCredito, and the Turksih Oyak Holding and Aidun Dogan Consortium were interested in the purchase of Demirbank T.A.S., which owns 99.9% of Demirbank (Bulgaria). Djungala Holding, former owner of Demirbank T.A.S., is within the Aidun Dogan Consortium. Next week each applicant will present and justify its offer in front of the agency's experts.

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