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A total of 149,064 people have been ensured for early retirement in professional pension funds so far, Danka Shopova, Head of Funds for Additional Pension Insurance Department at the National Social Insurance Institute (NSSI) announced the final result this week.Applications for insurance in one of the eight professional pension funds have been filed by 110,711 persons, who have worked under first and second labour category conditions since the beginning of 2000. 40,767 employees remained to be distributed ex officio in professional pension funds and the lottery was held in two phases. Those, who had not chosen any fund at all were distributed on May 15, and in the beginning of November the dubbings were settled. 2,414 people have dropped from the list of applicants: 210 of them have died, and the others have already retired.Doverie is the professional fund which has gathered the greatest number of candidate-retirees. It occupies 34.45% of the local pension insurance market by 51,307 people, ensured by it. Allianz Bulgaria is second on the list with 33,196 ensured people and a 22.29% market share. Saglasie fund is third with 28,452 ensured Bulgarians by it and a 19.1% market share.The completed campaign, however, showed that the big players among the pension insurers has good reasons to participate in the heated competition for ex officio distribution of future retirees in universal pesion funds. All employed Bulgarians, born after December 31, 1959, will be paying their pension insurance provisions to them as of January 1, 2002. The apprehension that the chosen way of distribution would change the won market shares, came true. Thus, the three top professional funds, which hold 75% of the local insurance market, were apportioned a total of 16,935 employees (less than half of those distributed by the lottery).For example, 46,272 applications were filed for Doverie, and 6,087 people were distributed to the fund ex officio. At the same time, ING gathered just 675 candidates by itself, and another 4,704 were apportioned to it ex officio.

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