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Till the end of this year we plan to open at least two other representation offices in the country, said Katya Nencheva, Eurolife Bulgaria manager on April 30, 2001, at the opening of the new Sofia office. A week ago the company celebrated its second anniversary at the Bulgarian market. In April 1999 it was registered in Bulgaria as an insurance broker, and a year ago it was licenced for its operation.
Eurolife Bulgaria is owned by the Swiss OC Occident Holding. Siegbert Schutzenhoffer, major shareholder of the Swiss company also attended the ceremony for the opening of the new office.
OC Occident Holding Headquarters are in Switzerland, but it has representation offices in Eastern Europe, Middle Asia and China. The company specialises only in consulting and intermidiary activities for contracting life insurances. In Bulgaria Eurolife Bulgaria offers Allianz Bulgaria and Graave Bulgaria insurance policies. In 2000 the insurance brokers have signed some 3000 insurance contracts. About 1000 consultants work for and on behalf of Eurolife Bulgaria.

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