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EuroIns is launching two new packages of insurances suitable for travelling abroad in the summer: EuroIns-Greentour (including a Green Card, Assistance when Travelling and Casko for Abroad), and EuroIns-Greentrans (which in addition to the above-mentioned three insurances includes Liability for the Carrier. Greentrans is suitable for firms-carriers, Sergei Goranov, Chief Green Card Expert in EuroIns, explained.Clients of the Greentour package are offered a 10% discount on the price of Casko and medical insurance, while clients of Greentrans may use 10% discounts for the Assistance when Travelling and Casko for Abroad insurance. Such a discount is offered for Liability of the Carrier as well if the insurance policy is bought together with a Green Card for a period of at least six months.In 2001 EuroIns issued a total of 45,000 insurance polices to Bulgarians, travelling abroad, the company specified. Compensations, paid on that kind of insurances in the same period, exceeded BGN110,000.

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