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Eurobank's pre-tax profit for 2002 amounts to BGN3,244,853. On March 10, the general meeting of the credit institution voted for the payment of a BGN0.17 dividend per share. The proposal was made by the Managing Board of the bank and was approved by the shareholders. The shares of Eurobank have a BGN1 face value.Credits launched to individuals and companies have grown by 107% in 2002. They reached BGN97.534MN, sources from Eurobank revealed. The bank's assets are up to BGN212.541MN (48% growth), according to the financial report. Deposits of individuals and companies amounted to BGN151.721MN as of December 31, 2002. Compared to the previous year, they are up by 37 per cent.In 2002, Eurobank attracted as a corporate client Petrol AD, the biggest oil retailer in the country. Petrol AD owns more than 440 oil stations in Bulgaria. The bank became a partner in the project for Transcard, the first credit cards in Bulgaria. Loans on these cards are launched without warrantors and the customer is not required to hold a bank deposit.Last year Eurobank expanded its network and is now represented by 25 branches and 18 offices.

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