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According to some sources involved in DZI privatisation procedure, it has already been agreed that Eureco will undertake DZI management. As the Banker weekly has already informed on April 27, 2001 Bulgaria was visited by an Eureco delegation of managers and experts. The delegation was headed by Ernst Jansen - one of the company presidents - which was a clear signal of the importance of the meetings and seriousness of the foreign investors' intentions.
The visit followed an invitation of Levon Hampartzoumian, the PA Executive Director. The discussion centered round Eureco's proposal to undertake the management of DZI for the next two years, and after that to buy the state company or to enhance its successful sale. According to some sources the foreign experts have even suggested a price for DZI, which is much higher than the one currently discussed with TBI - the only candidate to buy DZI. Well informed sources said that the international insurance group managers have offered considerable investments during the period of their management. All these offers considerably changed the opinion in favour of Eureco.
Beside the PA executive director, the foreign insurance managers met also Plamen Oresharsky, Vice Minister of Finance. The discussion was again related to the management of the state insurer.
At present a PA working group is discussing the price and the legal framework of the privatisation contract with the only candidate to buy DZI - a consortium of TBI and the MEBO unit DZI 2000.

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