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The EU provides free aid of EUR79MN to Bulgaria for financing the first big environmental projects. Money will come from the EU pre-accession fund ISPA. The remaining 35.8% of the necessary resources, which total amount is EUR123MN, will be provided by the state budget, the National Environmental Protection Fund and throug a credit of EUR27MN from the EIB - the contract for the last being already signed.

EUR45MN from the ISPA funding are designed for establishing six solid waste storages - in Pernik, Sozopol, Montana, Silistra, Sevlievo and Russe. The remaining amount of money will be used for financing the other three projects for building waste water purification stations - in Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad.

Bulgaria, Slovenia and Hungary are the only countries which up to now managed to contract projects on ecology, said Evdokia Maneva, Minister of Environment and Water. The preliminary list of priority environmental projects presented by our country included 13 big sites. Nine of them are designed for water purification, three are for solid waste processing and one project is for air polution protection. Their total value amounts to EUR786MN. ISPA is expected to provide about EUR350 - 360MN.

These environmental projects will open more than 2500 temporary jobs within the next seven to eight years. The permanent jobs for servicing the projects are planned to be about six hundred.

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