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The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), and the Union of Employers, have annouced their readiness to participate in the post-war reconstruction of Iraq. On March 18 the heads of the three organisations had a meeting with the Foreign Minister Solomon Passy. They demanded from the Government a clear stance on whom the participation of Bulgarian entrepreneurs in the post-war reconstruction of Iraq would depend, and what requirements and standards the firms should meet in order to bid in the eventual tenders. We could take part in the supply of food and medicines to the US army BCCI's Chairman Bozhidar Bozhinov said. According to him, the meeting with Mr. Passy and the request to the Cabinet were quite opportune, having in mind the fair political situation and USA's obvious benevolence to our country. Mr. Bozhinov and the Chairman of the Union of Employers Vassil Vassilev were moderately optimistic regarding the repayment of Iraq's USD1.7BN debt to Bulgaria. Their optimism is grounded solely in Bulgaria's political postions at present. We are the only country which has signed an agreement for the debt's repayment and it has already begun to be implemented. With a political benevolence on the part of the USA we could get the right for the agreement's implementation to continue by Iraq's new administration, Mr. Vassilev underlined.

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