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The Bulgarian American Enterprise Fund (BAEF) and the Bulgarian Partnership Association, BAP, conferred on November 19 the Best Young Entrepreneur Award for 2001. Six of all 86 presented projects were distinguished and their authors received prizes worth a total of USD16,500. According to BAEF's Managing Director Thomas Higgins, it is remarkable that the business plans for this year are the best of all that have been appraised so far.Maria Georgieva from Varna, who presented a project for a bio-gas installation in a cattle farm, is the winner of the biggest, USD6,000 prize. The installation uses the waste from the cattle farm for production of electricity and concentrated natural compost.Two second prizes of USD3,000 each were also granted during the official ceremony, held in the Sofia hotel Radison SAS. They went to Milena Marinova from Rousse, who worked out a project for a puppet theatre, and to Nikola Todorov from Varna. His idea for youth clothes bearing the trade mark In the Dark has been realized for several years now and Mr. Todorov has established a chain of shops, selling the modelas, designed by him.Three third prizes of USD1,500 each were conferred as well. Evegeni Denchev from Tryavna was awarded for his jen-shen products, Milen Topouzov from Assenovgrad was prized for his ads project, and Bisser Petrov from Pernik received an award for his business plan for repurchase sale of books.

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