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There will be drastic lay-offs in land commissions, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Nihat Kabil said at a press conference on January 9. According to Agriculture Ministry's data, the land has been entirely restored to lawful owners and reform in forstry has been completed 92 per cent. This is the first reason to reduce the staff of land commissions, Mr. Kabil pointed out. Eighty per cent of their members do not comply to the educational requirements for the positions they hold, Agriculture Ministry experts found. The most paradoxical cases were those in Hairedin and Omourtag where the respective chairmen of the land commissions were a horeographer and a teacher in maths.By end-March the Agriculture Ministry and the Association of Real Estate Agencies will organize a national conference on the state and tendecies in the development of land relations. Issues regarding land consolidation will be discussed at the forum as well. According to a poll of the Agriculture Ministry, 50-60% of the Bulgarians have a psoitive attitude towards the process of agricultural land consolidation. Forty per cent of the polled believe that the process should be accomplished through administrative means.About 20,000,000 plots of land have been restored to some 2,000,000 people, and they own not more than 3 dca each. Around 12,000,000 dca of all the 43,000,000 dca of arable land are currently uncultivaetd, Mr. Kabil specified.

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