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Seventeen years after its simple beginning in a dormitory room in Austin, Texas, and the audacious claim of its founder that he intended to take on IBM, customers have made Dell the world's leading computer-systems company.
Dell, which passed IBM in terms of global market share two years ago, ranked No.1 in the first quarter of this year, according to industry analists. The period is the first in which Dell earned the leading position on a global basis. The company has been atop the US market, the world's largest, for the last eight quarters.
Michael Dell, who started the company as a student at the University of Texas in 1984, said Dell's methodical climb to market leadership is the product of a persistent focus on delivering the best possible customer experience by directly selling computing products and services based on industry-standard technology.
Dell believes that it continued to show particular strength in shipments of servers, storage products and notebook computers, all strategically important product categories.
Mr. Dell acknowledged that the current demand environment is a challenging one, but said the company's efficient, customer-focused direct business model is particularly well suited for the situation.
Dell products and services are in high demand, especially in the enterprise categories - servers, storage products and workstations,he said. Our costs are the industry's lowest, and we're passing along sharp component-cost declines more quickly than competitors.
Dell plans to announce operating results for its fiscal first quarter on May 17, 2001.

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