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The session of the Supreme Administrative Court for the Danielly case, planned for December 13, failed. Judges did not proceed with the claim, placed by the Irish company Ferron Investment Ltd., saying that they would present their decision on the acceptability of the claim on Monday, December 18. The company contested against the new tender procedure opened by the Ministry of Economy for the sale of the Danielly line, which forms a part of the Parnik-based Kamet plant.

By the end of November the tender was won by the Finnish company Hansatiko - a consortium of three Russian metallurgy plants. The company offered DEM40.7MN. The Plovdiv-based Neva Holding was second with a bid of DEM25.555MN, and the German Geodike was third with an offer of DEM16.561MN.

A year ago the tender was won by Ferron Investment Ltd, which offered just BGL5.2MN. As the former Ministry of Industry cancelled the deal, the contract was not signed.

The Ministry headed by Peter Jotev, Vice Prime Minister, informed that it was ready to sign the contract with Hansatiko. The only obstacle is the claim placed with the Supreme Administrative Court. Should the Court judge in favour of the Ministry of Economy, the contract with the Finnish company will be signed within the next couple of days. The amount, received for the Danielly line, will be paid to Kamet plant which is currently under insolvency procedure.

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