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The well-known British consultants from Crown Agents will be probably advising Macedonia's customs as well. According to publications in the press in Skopje, they may be hired by that country's Government. The entrance of Crown Agents in Bulgaria's Southwestern neighbour is connected with the forthcoming election of Nikola Gruevski for a premier. It was him as a finance minister in the VMRO-DPMNE cabinet in 2002 who began negotiations with Crown Agents for attracting them to the country. However, the deal was frustrated by the socialists coming into power a little while after the start of negotiations.
VMRO's victory during the recent parliamentary elections (July 6, 2006) has opened the road for closing a contract between the former Yugoslav republic and the British consultants.
Meanwhile, Crown Agents ensured themselves an order for consulting the customs in the African state of Tansania. The company's website has published this week an advertisement for hiring customs officers on the black continent.
The British consultants' project in Bulgaria will be completed in end-2006. Meanwhile, Macedonian mass media circulated ads information that since hiring them in November 2001 till now Crown Agents have helped growth of proceeds from imports in Bulgaria to reach 156 per cent.

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