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According to official figures provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 99% of the fields of barley have been reaped and 550,000 tons of grain have been gathered as of July 30, 2006. The average yield per decare is 290 kilograms. The highest average crop was achieved in the region of Dobrich - 414 kg, in Silistra - 401 kg, and in Varna - 376 kg per decare. The Ministry officers remind that fields of barley total 1,892,295 decares, with 97,415 decares being destroyed for various unfavourable reasons.
Approximately 80% of the fields of wheat have been reaped already, too. More than 2.5 million tons have been harvested so far and by the end of the campaign the amount is expected to reach 3 million tones. The average yield per decare in Bulgaria is 352 kilograms. A total land of 9.4 million decares has been sown. As it was expected, the highest wheat crop was reported in Dobrich - 472 kg per decare, in Silistra - 453 kg and in Varna - 431 kg.
Some 4,000 grain combines have taken part in the harvest. The rest of the equipment is under preparation to gather the spring crop - corn and sunflower.
One positive change in Bulgarian agriculture in the past years has been the acquisition of a sufficient number of modern combines. The purchase was funded by both investment lines of the Agriculture State Fund and the SAPARD program. The new more powerful combine classes have a much greater productivity which according to experts explains the smaller number of machines that are needed to collect the grain nowadays.

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