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On the basis of negative data about the development of automobile transport over the last few months we'll insist in front of the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Plamenn Petrov to announce a crisis in the sector, Roumen Kroumov, Chairman of the National Union of Carriers with the Promyana trade union, said. He quoted article 4 of the Automobile Transport Act, which reads that in case of crisis on the market the transport minister should stop for six months the licensing of new carriers, and the term could be extended by as much afterwards.The demand of the branch organization is motivated by data (presented by its members) about the grey economy in the sector. According to Mr. Kroumov, the Transport Ministry has licensed only 124 of the currenctly operating over 400 international coach lines. The others, he says, are operating in the form of the so-called casual transports, but advertise their activities in the madia as regular tourist lines. The situation is similar in intercity lines.Thorough examination should be carried out in the sector and find out how many of the licensed carriers do not report strictly their incomes and do not observe the requirements, the syndicate leader pointed out. If minister Petrov does not take into consideration the data, we presented him, our union will boycott the municipal tenders for automibile carriers in the autumn, Mr. Kroumov warned.

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