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Court Fines Energo Pro

A few hours after the Ministry of Energy and the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC) initiated inspection upon a signal for double invoices received by subscribers of energy consumers in Northeast Bulgaria, the judiciary also had its weighty word.

By order of the Varna District Court of Energo-Pro Grid and JSC Energo-Pro Sales AD were fined by 25,000 levs upon request of the Commission for Consumer Protection. The reason is that yet in 2012, the structure led by Vesselin Zlatev analyzed the general terms of contracts for the transfer of energy through the distribution networks of the two companies - then still owned by the German company E.ON.

The inspection found that there were unfair terms - such as in established breach of contractual terms as a fault of the EDC, it can avoid liability for payment of compensation by shortening the statutory time limits for claiming that right. According to Bulgarian legislation, these terms are usually between 3 and 5 years, and the company provided an opportunity for consumers to claim compensation within a maximum of 90 days.
Controversial clauses had to be removed, but since this has not happened, by order of the Varna District Court two companies will have to pay 25 000 levs. An interesting question is why the magistrates of the Black Sea city, ruled this just now, given that the procedure and the findings are two years old now.


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