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On January 18 Parliament decided to set up a commission for the future amendments to the Constitution. It will be headed by Lyuben Kornezov, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, and his deputies will be Kameliya Kassabova from NMSII, Lyutvi Mestan from MRF, Ekaterina Mihailova from DSB, and Philip Dimitrov from UDF. The members will be: Tatyana Doncheva, Georgi Bliznashki, Mihail Mikov, Yanaki Stoilov and Alexander Arabadjiev from Coalition for Bulgaria; Borislav Ralchev, Aneliya Mingova and Ognyan Gerdjikov from NMSII; Remzi Osman and Hristo Bisserov from MRF; Borislav Bulgaranov from BPU; and the independent MPs will be represented by Mario Tagarinski form the Democratic Party.
According to Mr. Kornezov, many hindrances will probably have to be overcome when voting the proposals of the ruling coalition for changes to the Constitution. There are disputable points in the draft itself, he admitted. He believes there will be other proposals as well, e. g. regarding the president's rights, the municipalities' financial decentralization, and the immunity of MPs. At this stage, however, the rights of the president should not be limited or expanded, Mr. Kornezov believes. Amendments to the Constitution should be made by March because they are connected with Bulgaria's EU membership, he explained.
The MPs from the Ataka parliamentary group refused to take part in the commission.

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