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Some of the big firms and banks in Bulgaria - GloBul, Job Tiger, United Bulgarian Bank (UBB), OMV-Bulgaria EOOD, and First Investment Bank (FIB) set up the Club of Corporate Donators which will systematically donate money for social activities in the country. The constituent meeting, held on May 23 in the Foreign Arts Gallery, was opened by Richard Shackleton, Second Secretary of the British Embassy in Sofia, who is the initiative's patron. Mr. Shackleton said to the BANKER that the establishment of such NGOs is an European idea, meeting more and more support on the continent. A poll of The Economist magazine was quoted, according which philanthropy is appraised as a historical document for the development of Europe and the world. It was added that in 2005 some 40% to 60% of the volume of money for charity came from the donors' forum. Last year's donations are between BGN15-18MN. Some 62% of the donors are doing that for a single time, systematically, or periodically. The opinion that there are many players in the sphere of charity and that a fair financial volume is accumulated was shared. The new standard, called strategy of the winner, i.e. that both the one who gives and the one who takes wins, already prevails.
The constituent protocol was signed by all present with the exception of OMV-Bulgaria EOOD, which will do that later. The club is open to new members.

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