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Cleaners To Get BGN5MN from Sofia Airport

Another questionable tender procedure is for the complex cleaning of buildings and associated facilities and areas of Sofia Airport for the next four years. The competition was announced in early November, and documents for participation in it may be submitted up to 6 December. Not everyone, however, is invited. Management of the airport is so picky that it has almost predetermined the outcome of the auction. From the announcement, it is clear that the candidates must have achieved a minimum turnover of 15 million levs in the last three years. Furthermore, the revenue cannot be from any activity, but has to be right from cleaning services. Such companies on our market are very few. The biggest names in the sector are Barrage M and Vera - Cleaning Agency reported totally for the previous two years revenue figures of 3.9 million and 1.28 million levs respectively.

How tight this condition is can be seen if one looks at the centralized procurement procedure for cleaning services to all ministries and their subordinate agencies. It required a minimum turnover of only 400 thousand levs, and it is for providing hygiene services in dozens of buildings with a huge area and thousands of employees.

Another important question is how much money Sofia Airport is prepared to pour into the future airport cleaners. The documents to the procedure do not mention a specific amount, but if the requirements of the Public Procurement Act are satisfied the estimated value should be at least 5 million levs. This is because Article 25, paragraph 6 of this regulation stipulates that when the contractor sets a requirement for the volume of the turnover, the latter cannot exceed by more than three times the volume of the contract itself.

That Sofia Airport is huge, there is no dispute, but certainly it is not that large as to exceed in value the cost for cleaning all the buildings of the executive power together. Hygiene services to the airport will thus cost at least 1.25 million levs per year as the contract is supposed to be signed for the following four years.

Who will take the jackpot from Sofia Airport, of course, is only a matter os speculation now. we can only guess. But not miss the fact that some cleaning before it was very questionable things. In May 2007 the company Jizah BG signed a five-year contract for more than 7.2 million lev to maintain the hygiene of the new Terminal 2. The company was the sole participant in the procedure, as the conditions for the applicant required it to have a turnover of at least 30 million euro for the last three years. In itself, this implies that the contract did not have to be concluded because there was no real competition, but this legal principle was obviously irrelevant to the management of the airport.


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