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Christmas and the New Year holidays once again urged MobilTel to make competitive promotions for students, offering them a handset and SIM-card at the price of BGL88 (VAT excluded). All others got the possibility of purchasing a mobile phone at the price of BGL130 (VAT excluded). Last year the GSM operator attracted university students by offering SIM cards at low prices. The company says that their subscribers now increase by 4500 daily. Currently MobilTel has 440 000 subscribers, aiming at increasing them to 550 000 by the end of the year. Whether this is feasible, we'll see in the coming weeks, still the number of the would-be subscribers is not getting smaller.

Mobicom made a counter promotion, offering a mobile phone at the price of BGL80, but the quantites were exhausted. While the competition between mobile operators leads to price reduction, in order to attract more subscribers, this is not valid for the monopolistic BTC. For the first time this year they also decided to be generous. In the period December 20 - January 4 long distance and international calls prices will be reduced.

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